Do you have a story to tell?


Do you rewrite the endings of books or movies in your head?  Do you ‘hear’ voices of characters?  Do you see ideas for a book everywhere you look?  Are you ready to write?  If there’s a book inside you, then you may be ready to let me help you. Many people have a book inside of them, but they don't know how to coax it onto paper.  That's where I can help.  I teach writers to write for enjoyment and money - and have been doing so for many years.  I've been a cheerleader for all levels of writers from the newest newbie to award-winning writers to multi-published authors.  If you're willing to commit, I can help you too. 

I coach writers: 

beginning ones

good ones

published ones

award winning ones

I teach good writing:
solid structure

real characters

believable settings and description

satisfying endings

and new beginnings 

I encourage authors: 
critiquing, emails, phone calls, face to face, talking about writing, laughing, focusing creativity, cheerleading, brainstorming, learning together, having fun! 


What I will do for you:
I will give you the benefit of my experience, skill, talent and time to brainstorm, create and sell your 'product'.  I will encourage you to be the best you can be and support you as you find your voice and develop your creativity.  I will share my knowledge of the publishing world and help you to find publication, if that's your desire.  

What I expect from you: 
A passion for writing and a willingness to commit to your dream.

Without Sally's encouragement and direction, I'd never have found the gumption to write a book.  Her experience and guidance gave me belief in myself.  I recommend her to anyone who really wants to go forward with their writing career.
Peggy Cheney, Mystery and Paranormal author



"As the first person to critique my manuscript, Sally introduced me to point of view shifts, character motivations and the concept of limiting back story - all in a way that showed she thought I was a good writer. She had faith in my ability and that gave me confidence in myself.  Gentle and tough, she's the perfect writing coach."
Liz Talley, multi-published author